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Sardines: health benefits of Sardines!

Sardines: health benefits of Sardines!

September 6, 2016 16:07

Sardines are small, oily fish, which are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. They belong to the Clupeidae  family. Some of the most popular species of sardines are sardina, sardinella and sardinops. These fish are found mostly in the Atlantic and Pacific ocean and the Mediterranean Sea.

Sardines are mostly available as canned fish. They are commonly known as canned sardines.

Canned sardines contain energy, protein, lipid or fats, minerals and vitamins.

Health benefits:

  • Help to prevent cardiovascular disease
  • Help to reduce risk of stroke
  • Alleviate hypertension
  • Help to protect against fatal heart arrhythmia
  • Aid in depression management
  • Help to decrease the risk of cognitive decline in the elderly
  • Alleviate inflammation
  • Aid in the protection of joints
  • Improve eye health

Note: Sardines are high in purines. Purines break up into uric acid. High levels of uric acid concentrations may put pressure on the kidneys because these organs have to flush out excess amounts of uric acid. People who suffer from gout should avoid purines.

Canned sardines packed in olive oil are preferable to those in soybean oil. Those concerned about their intake of fat may want to choose sardines packed in water.

Canned sardines require minimal preparation. For canned sardines packed in oil, gently rinse them under water to remove excess oil before serving.

  • Sardine sandwiches are good breakfast.
  • Sprinkle sardines with lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.
  • Combine sardines with chopped onion, olives, or fennel.
  • Top sardines with chopped tomatoes and basil, oregano, or rosemary.
  • Fry sardines sardines with egg.

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