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Cottage Cheese: health benefits of Cottage Cheese !

Cottage Cheese: health benefits of Cottage Cheese !

July 5, 2016 17:32

Cottage cheese is a soft, fresh, uncured cheese that is highly perishable. The first known use of the term "cottage cheese" dates back to 1831

Cottage cheese is prepared by boiling and curdling milk with the help of acidic substances such as lime or vinegar. Different styles of cottage cheese are made from milks with different fat levels and in small curd or large curd preparations. It also comes in a variety of flavors and is often mixed with vegetables and/or fruits.

Cottage cheese provides many health benefits, including a high protein content, as well as magnesium, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, iron, zinc, and selenium.  Cottage cheese can be used for weight management. Cottage cheese is also recommended for pregnant women along with athletes due to various essential nutrients found in it.

Health benefits of cottage cheese include:

  • Helps to control appetite
  • Helps to lose weight
  • Helps to build muscles
  • Helps to prevent cardiovascular disease
  • Promotes blood clotting
  • Decreases the risk of kidney stones
  • Helps to reduce the risk of cancer
  • Aids in alleviation of hypertension
  • Lowers the chance of developing ovarian malignancy

Note: Cottage cheese contains higher levels of sodium, because salt is a major ingredient used at various stages of cheese and yogurt preparation.

If the milk has not been pasteurized properly, then there is a risk of  bacterial contamination by eating cottage cheese or any other dairy product.

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